Client Love

Sasha is highly attuned and her deep belief in healing was evident throughout our journey in to my subconscious. She was a gentle calming presence as I revisited and explored some of my deeper wounds from childhood. I got a deep level of resolution around one of my more core issues. I cannot thank and recommend Sasha and her work enough, she is a true healer!

-Dr. Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist


Annie Grace, author of  This Naked Mind

Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind

Working with Sasha has improved my life SO much. She’s so easy to talk to and be honest with. I felt very safe and heard. Doing RTT hypnosis with Sasha actually shifted things in my personality instead of just giving me tools to use. I felt the change on a whole-being level and my sense of overwhelm has been hugely alleviated.

~ Annie Grace

Laura McKowen,  writer, mama, & podcast host

Laura McKowen, writer, mama, & podcast host

The hypnosis was unlike anything I’d experienced before. It was seamless and easy, but deep. Sasha is a wonderful guide, and her disposition set me instantly at ease. My desire to FIND a relationship has almost ceased entirely. This is something that has been ever-present since I can remember. I have a patience, a trust, and an ease that I’ve never had in this area.

~ Laura McKowen

Cristina Ferri,      Sober Unicorn

Cristina Ferri, Sober Unicorn

I can't say enough great things about Sasha as a person and teacher. Her voice is soothing and calming. She pauses and reflects and takes in everything I said, and made me feel very heard by doing so. Sasha was very intuitive as to what I truly needed on my journey and really helped guide me to a safe and nourishing place in my heart, mind, and soul.

~ Cristina Ferri


Sasha has a gift! A truly remarkable gift of being able to help people. Within my session, I was able to let go of beliefs of not being enough and not speaking up. That night I had a dream about my throat being cleared. Since meeting with Sasha, I feel strong in my voice and my confidence has soared.   ~ Ebbie Hansen

Sasha is the real deal. She has helped me tremendously. She has so much knowledge & incredible tools & resources--all while giving massive amounts of love. She's a wonder. ~ Lara F.

Sasha is a person with complete integrity, a person with enormous empathy, compassion, insight, and understanding. ~ Holly S.

Sasha is such a gentle soul and dedicated listener. She exudes patience and understanding and has valuable guidance and direction to offer. Her personal knowledge, array of qualifications, and kind personality make her such an effective coach. ~ Kate T.