Speaker on mental illness awareness at Bo's Effort 2nd Annual Golf Tournament. 5/2017

Member of the sober bloggers team at the NYC SheRecovers Conference. 5/2017

Keynote Speaker at the 7th Annual Walk Against Addiction: 9/2016

Guest on The Bubble Hour with Jean McCarthy: 2/2017

Interview with Laurie of 'Girl and Tonic': 2/2017 

Guest on the Alcohol & Addiction podcast with Lee Davy of Needy Helper: 11/2016 see episode here

Guest on the Recovery Elevator podcast with Paul Churchill: 11/2016 see episode 91 here

Guest on the Recovery Squared podcast with Steve Wofford: 10/2016

"Recovery Revelations" Interview at Since Right Now: 11/2016

Interview with Liv's Recovery Kitchen. 4/2016


Recovery Today 5th Annual Online Conference with Sherry Gaba, LCSW. 9/2017.