Listen to recent Podcast Interviews:

Naked Life Story with Annie Grace: drinking & social anxiety. 

Your Kick-Ass Life with Andrea Owen: love addiction/avoidance and sobriety.

The Regroup podcast with Carly Benson & Kelly Fitzgerald: on sobriety, what I've learned, and Fleetwood Mac.  

The SHAIR podcast with Omar Pinto: on social anxiety & addiction, self-image, food, codependence, and The Alchemist. 

Soul Sparks with Kristin Lohr: what to do when the world feels too heavy

Curiously You with Jen Francis: perfectionism, addiction, & self-sabotage.

Raise your Hand, Say Yes with Tiffany Han: anxiety and how to deal

The Bubble Hour with Jean McCarthy: recounting my young journey with destructive binge-drinking.

Recovery Elevator with Paul Churchill: drinking and recovering. 


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" I can't say enough great things about Sasha as a person and teacher. Her voice is soothing and calming. She pauses and reflects and takes in everything I said, and made me feel very heard by doing so. Sasha was very intuitive as to what I truly needed on my journey and really helped guide me to a safe and nourishing place in my heart, mind, and soul."

- Cristina Ferri, Sober Unicorn