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I have a brand-new coach package I'm offering. I'm calling it Duo Coaching or mini-group coaching. I wanted something that was a happy medium between group coaching and 1:1 so I came up with this. It's sort of the best of both worlds with the intimacy and depth of individual coaching and the community/friendship aspect of group coaching. 

The idea is that you come ready to be coached with a friend or someone you don't know well but are compatible with. If you're solo but want to do 1:2 coaching, I can assist you in pairing up with someone else. I commit to both of you and our sessions are 75-minutes every other week for 6 months. We go deep together. The buddy aspect allows you to learn from eachother, establish a sense of kinship, and grow in relationship. This is an excellent option for sobriety coaching and/or for codependency recovery. 

  • The commitment is 6 months.
  • Calls are 3-way conference phone calls for 75-minutes every other week. 
  • A multitude of resources and worksheet assignments. 
  • Inspirational DAILY emails sent to your email inbox to keep you on track throughout the 6 months. 

Investment is $349 per month, per person



Private coaching that gives us the time to dig deep & practice maintenance actions so that you can experience INCREDIBLE shift in your life and truly restore your Self. This package is the highest value and follows my signature method, but still allows for customization depending on your unique situation. Our work together will enable you to feel JOYOUS, FREE, and PASSIONATE on a regular basis.

Awaken to your own power and learn how to quit giving it away to substances, people, and destructive habits.

 Whatever you're recovering from, (addiction, depression, a bad romance) we go from SURVIVING TO THRIVING. You will transform in small and large ways. Gift yourself with 9 sessions of coaching with me and by the end, you will have a deeper connection with yourself and life.

WHAT will happen IF YOU DO THE WORK: 

  • waking up inspired to start your day with higher self-esteem.
  • having an empowered outlook on life.
  • being present in your relationships, less irritability, less fighting with your significant others.
  • confidence in your body and in who you are as a person.
  • knowledge of your gifts and special place in the world. 
  • freedom from obsession and compulsion to act out in your addictions.
  • saved money from not spending it on your addictions. 
  • greater love for yourself and love for others = better relationships.
  • less anxiety, less depression + more hope, more faith.
  • less attraction to toxic people, less fear + more authentic love.
  • conscious decision-making skills that leave you feeling good.
  • going to bed with peace in your heart.
Set The Foundation: Honesty, Acceptance, Clarity. 
Build on the Foundation: Courage, Willingness, Humility.
Maintain the Foundation: Persistence, Freedom, Empowerment.


What's Included:

  • Nine 60-minute private coach calls, via Skype or phone 
  • Full email & text support
  • Customized holistic treatment plan 




My SPARK package is intensive power 1:1 coaching for 3 SESSIONS and is intended to get to get very clear and breakthrough a specific block in order to ignite momentum in your life.

I will be there shining light on where and how you can free yourself from addictive habits of thought and self-sabotaging behaviors. You can finally let go of fear-based ways of living and get back to the business of JOY. I meet you exactly where you are to unlearn destructive patterns, heal your mindset, and we co-travel to your FREEDOM. 

What's Included:

  • Three 60-minute private coach calls, via Skype or phone 
  • Week 1 Discovery, Week 2 Exploration, Week 3 off for Implementation, Week 4 Maintenance
  • Full email & text support


Grab your complimentary sample call to ask any questions you may have and see that we're a compatible fit.  



"Sasha is the real deal. She has helped me tremendously. She has so much knowledge & incredible tools & resources--all while giving massive amounts of love. She's a wonder." -Lara F. 

"Sasha is a person with complete integrity, a person with enormous empathy, compassion, insight, and understanding." -Holly S. 

"Sasha is such a gentle soul and dedicated listener. She exudes patience and understanding and has valuable guidance and direction to offer. Her personal knowledge, array of qualifications, and kind personality make her such an effective coach."   - Kate T.

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