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Breakthrough & Embody

6 months of individual coaching & hypnosis customized to your goals.

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Master & Thrive

12 months of individual coaching & hypnosis w/ VIP access.


Both options are highly individualized as we address the deeper parts of you, subconscious and conscious, that are keeping you disconnected, in pain, and spinning in your same old patterns. I am there shining light on the shadows, challenging you while holding supportive space for you to heal. You can finally let go of fear-based ways of living and get back to the business of JOY. You are done surviving and you are ready to THRIVE. 

This is for you if :

You are motivated & committed to your growth & deeply wanting to take your life to the next level in every way.

You know you can’t do it alone and value high-quality support from a mentor.

You take 100% responsibility for how you show up in the world and therefore how you will show up in our relationship. You understand that we are co-creating your new reality.

You are excited to invest in the next level of your growth & healing because this is a lifetime commitment for you. You can be scared & ready at the same time.

You might use any of these words to describe yourself: sensitive, spiritual, grateful, intuitive, communicative, self-aware, open-minded, and entrepreneurial.


  • (1) RTT session w/personalized recording and (2) coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited Voxer support-we stay in touch here between sessions so that you're fully emotionally & energetically supported throughout your transformation.

not sure? let’s chat on a clarity call.

Please answer the short questionnaire and be as specific as possible. I’ll be in touch to set up a 15 minute Clarity Call with you. The purpose of our conversation will be to uncover:

  • Where you are right now?

  • Where you want to be?

  • What’s getting in your way?

  • How I can help you create your ideal life? 

Sasha is a Certified member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists.

Sasha is a Certified member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists.




"Sasha is the real deal. She has helped me tremendously. She has so much knowledge & incredible tools & resources--all while giving massive amounts of love. She's a wonder."

-Lara F. 

"Sasha is a person with complete integrity, a person with enormous empathy, compassion, insight, and understanding."

-Holly S. 

"Sasha is such a gentle soul and dedicated listener. She exudes patience and understanding and has valuable guidance and direction to offer. Her personal knowledge, array of qualifications, and kind personality make her such an effective coach."   

- Kate T.

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