I cannot emphasize the importance of finding people on your recovery path who you resonate with. I have compiled a list of a variety of people that I know personally, who are dedicated to this journey and who put out quality work. There are as many ways to do recovery as there are people--move towards the ones that speak to you:

ANNA DAVID: Anna is a NY Times Bestselling author and creator of Recover Girl, a consulting company that includes both a storytelling show and podcast focused on de-stigmatizing addiction and developing healthier lives

BEVERLY SARTAIN. Beverly is a Recovery Life Coach who specializes in non 12-step tools and techniques and Spiritual Psychology. She provides group coaching through her online community, Recovery Life Lab, that's all about moving beyond maintenance and thriving in your relationships, finances, and career so that you can use your recovery for purpose and prosperity. 

CYNTHIA PHELPS. Cynthia is a compassion and recovery coach who is dedicated to helping people practice self-compassion so they can live their best life possible. 

HIP SOBRIETY. Holly Glenn Whitaker, oh so wise teacher & writer of the most practical recovery tips with a spiritual twist, creator of the virtual Hip Sobriety school, co-founder of the HOME podcast with Laura McKowen.

I AM NOT ANONYMOUS. An organization that features stories of the 23 million Americans in recovery in efforts to break silence and crush stigma. My story right here. 

LARA FRAZIER. Lara, a truth-teller and magic-maker who blogs about her own incredible story of healing in sobriety, love, and life. 

LAURA MCKOWEN. Laura, remarkable teacher & writer of all things related to sobriety and motherhood and life. Co-founder of the HOME podcast (with Holly Glenn Whitaker), a raw and brilliant exploration of the big questions of life through the lens of recovery. 

LIGHTMAKERS. Two Australian beauties, Milly and Ellen, started this site to connect one another through the power of storytelling and showcase how our challenges can become great wisdom. They feature stories to serve as inspiration & hope on a very wide range of topics. My story is right here.

LIV'S RECOVERY KITCHEN. Olivia is a delightful recovery warrior from the UK. You'll find inspiring blogs, healthy recipes, and interviews on her site. My interview by Liv right here.

MEGAN LAWRENCE. Megan is a writer and her website--Healing Hopefuls--offers a safe haven to those individuals that feel "lost." My story on her site is here.

MIRACLE OF THE MUNDANE. Mark Goodson--"man in recovery"--explores the miracle of the mundane, living life, and finding meaning in recovery. 

MIRACLES ARE BREWING. Carly Benson, a motivational writer, speaker, and certified Life Coach offering sobriety coaching to help create & sustain lasting change. 

NANCY CARR. Nancy Carr is a sober blogger and writer who hopes she can bring awareness to others about addiction and recovery and help break the stigma. She also wrote a memoir, "Last Call, A Memoir." My interview with Nancy is here

NEEDY HELPER. Lee Davy, a guide for people who want freedom and happiness. He is also an author and creator of The Alcohol and Addiction podcast. My episode here on Self-Esteem, Sex, and Sobriety

NIKKI MYERS. Yoga therapist & teacher, badass woman, and developer of Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR), which blends the somatic healing of yoga with the foundational aspects of the 12 steps. Classes are open to all, find a class near you HERE. I am also certified to teach Y12SR classes and am listed in their directory.

RECOVERY ELEVATOR. Paul Churchill hosts a popular podcast where he shares stories to stay accountable and show people they aren't alone. He says, "getting sober is just the beginning. Staying sober, and then becoming the person I know I'm meant to be is the real adventure."

RECOVERY SQUARED. Steve Wofford is a coach and podcaster who assists people to transform their lives. He helps people get to the next level and tap into their infinite potential. My podcast interview with him is here--we talk about everyone in society being addicted to something, levels of "rock bottom," and flow states.

SHE RECOVERS. A mother-daughter duo, Dawn and Taryn, from Canada, who facilitate recovery from anything and everything (addiction, codependency, workaholism, eating disorders, depression, cancer, abuse, trauma, and heartbreak), geared towards women. They lead fantastic yoga & recovery retreats.

SILVER LADDER. Shane Watson, dedicated public speaker, recovery advocate, and prevention specialist. 

SOBER GRID. Sober Grid is a free app, available for iOS and Android phones, which was designed to provide those looking to get sober, and those in recovery, with access to a community focused on sobriety. Facebook page here

SOBER JULIE. Life Straight Up! is a blog written by SoberJulie sharing how AMAZING life without alcohol can be. Stop in to find articles about travel, family, recipes and of course addiction and recovery.

SOBER MAMI. Pamela's blog about bold, sexy, authentic sobriety.

SOBER SENORITA. Kelly Fitzgerald, reformed party girl and recovery advocate who teaches that "Sobriety is Self-Love."

SOBER UNICORN. Cristina Ferri, sober unicorn extraordinaire, writes about her personal recovery journey to inspire hope & magic. 

THE SOBRIETY COLLECTIVE. Laura Silverman's inclusive creation to unite sobers and mental health warriors alike, keywords: creative community. My interview with her is here

TAMMI SALAS. Tammi, beauty-full artist & writer, chronicles her life navigating through sobriety and motherhood. Here is my interview with her as part of her Ray of Light series. 

TOMMY ROSEN. Recovery expert, incredible human, and creator of the online conference Recovery 2.0, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life.

TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS (TWLOHA). TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. "Hope is real. Help is real. Your story is important."

WARRIORS ON PURPOSE. Kip Shubert created Warriors On Purpose to engage others about recovery and living a life of purpose through recovery support, recovery coaching, and motivational speaking. 

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. A fellowship of men and women, the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. 

AL-ANON. For friends and family of those with compulsive, destructive, addictive behavior. 

ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS. A program for men and women who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional homes.