A Few (17) Things I am LOVING lately

This is probably maybe the first time I've ever done a list like this (and this is my first blog post in FOREVERRRR and a day), where I just tell you some of my favorite things—like I'm Oprah or something ;) I felt super called though. I dreamt it and then woke up buzzing & needing to tell you all the things im obsessed with as of late.  

I am just loving so many things recently and I want to share them all with you!  Sharing the things we love just makes life so much fun. 

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How I Finally Quit Smoking Cigs

When you choose to give up smoking, you are simply getting rid of another thing that is preventing you from being your greatest self. Know that. You are worth the time & energy it takes to quit. If even just the thought of giving up smoking overwhelms you, look back at the list of all the gains you'll make my subtracting this one habit. 

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500 Sober Sisters in NYC: a recap

The task of capturing the raw emotion of a weekend with 500 other women who are all at different points in their own recovery (from a myriad of things including addiction, mental illness, eating disorders, codependency, etc, etc.--many of us, myself included, are recovering from all of these) process seemed way too big a task for me. It feels like one of those events where you don't know what to say except, "you just had to be there." 

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20 Reasons Why Sobriety is Trending

More people are choosing the sober/alcohol-free/dry life to enjoy more vibrant health, to be more conscious in their relationships, to experience life, in all it’s beautiful madness, without a numbing agent. Because-newsflash-we don’t need a numbing agent to experience life. Reality is drug enough.

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5 Tips to Quit Being Codependent

In simplest terms, codependency is a relationship pattern of losing ourselves in another person and has been called the “disease of the lost self.” More specifically, being codependent involves behavior where there is excessive enabling, controlling, and caretaking within the relationship. It’s worth mentioning here that we all, at one time or another, fall somewhere on the spectrum of codependency.

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5 Signs You've Outgrown a Friend

I heard once that we are the composite of the five people we spend the most time with. When you’re aiming to live a true, extraordinary life, you want those five people to be intentional and be positive, supportive, and humble in their own right. You can't be living your best life if your inner circle is made up of Debbie Downers. 

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How to Enjoy the Holiday Season (staying sane & Sober)

Just as much as the holiday season can bring a sense of cheer and generosity, it can also bring a sense of dread and bitterness as we walk into environments that are highly emotionally charged. 

This year will be my 6th sober Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are a few things I’ve learned over these last few years that have allowed me to actually enjoy this special time of year and feel jolly during most of it. Or if nothing else, it just sucks less. 

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4 Types of Negative Self-Talk that are Holding you back from your Best Life

Too hard. This is one I hear often as a lifestyle coach. That the process of self-growth is or is going to be just too damn hard. And maybe they’re not up for the challenge or don’t think they have what it takes. It’s just gonna take too long, and also it probably won’t work, they say. 

New story: I am stronger than my struggle and I am worth the work it takes. I’ve survived every hard day of my life so far, and I will survive more. The chasm between surviving and thriving is faith. 

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4 Emotions That Make you Want to Overeat & What to do Instead

Emotions are messengers, carrying to us information that is essential for our bodies, minds, and spirits to process. How convenient is this? Our very own information-carriers working to help us make sense of the world around and within us. Feelings are not necessarily facts, but they are worth being aware of and paying some gentle attention to.

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Sobriety and the Pursuit of Men

I had a history of picking guys that weren’t the best for me, always falling for the underdogs and the fixer-uppers. The bad boys who take no self-responsibility with lots of problems but lots of potential. The more problems, the better. I loved a challenge. The “tough cases” in the eyes of a therapist are exactly the guys I wanted to date. Emotionally unavailable? Yes please.

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