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500 Sober Sisters in NYC: a recap

The task of capturing the raw emotion of a weekend with 500 other women who are all at different points in their own recovery (from a myriad of things including addiction, mental illness, eating disorders, codependency, etc, etc.--many of us, myself included, are recovering from all of these) process seemed way too big a task for me. It feels like one of those events where you don't know what to say except, "you just had to be there." 

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When you're depressed AF (as f*ck)

I've had episodes of depression that I thought would never pass. The majority of times I fell into the rabbit hole, I hated myself for falling. So I added hatred, guilt, and shame on top of the depression, which is not hard to do in a depressed state of mind. But it's oh so unproductive. Who cares though? I didn't. When you're depressed, you just dgaf (don't give a f*ck), about anything. 

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One of the BEST anti-depressants not on the market

It’s free, easy, quick, and simple. It’s life-altering and mood-enhancing. “It turns whatever you have into enough,” says Melody Beattie.

When I found myself in a very deep and dark black-hole depression in the fall of 2014, I vowed to do everything within my power to never end up in that place again. I was already practicing many healthy habits, but I promised I would do whatever else I could to stay in the light.

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