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When you're depressed AF (as f*ck)

I've had episodes of depression that I thought would never pass. The majority of times I fell into the rabbit hole, I hated myself for falling. So I added hatred, guilt, and shame on top of the depression, which is not hard to do in a depressed state of mind. But it's oh so unproductive. Who cares though? I didn't. When you're depressed, you just dgaf (don't give a f*ck), about anything. 

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Less Facebook, More Peace?

I'm on the eternal search for peace. I want peace more than I want happiness. I seek it and according to Rumi, it seeks me. Any day now we shall find each other. 

It came to my attention that I was disturbing my own peace by compulsively checking Facebook all day long. And I noticed that I usually felt worse by the end of my FB visit.

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