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Return to JOY



DON'T JUST survive and merely "get by."

learn how to thrive.

Do you feel like you:

  • don't have many positive coping skills for life 
  • still can't manage your emotions and have significant core symptoms of anxiety & depression
  • have relationships that still kind of suck, attracting the same toxic people (friendships, partners, etc.) you used to and falling into imbalanced and codependent relationship patterns
  • act out in compulsive ways with things like food, spending, or work
  • wondering what your purpose in life is 
  • could use a person who will support you unconditionally, provide clear insights, encouragement, and brainstorm with you

I myself tried so many different avenues to alter my reality, alternating between booze and brownies and boys and anything else I came across. None of them worked. When I quit all that, I uncovered a shit-load of behaviors & underlying beliefs that were not serving me. Addiction was but a symptom of all that. 

With awareness, focused work, and unconditional love, we will return to the joy of living. You will learn how to make choices that EMPOWER you instead of ones that leave you feeling like a victim of life. You will find out what makes your heart beat again. You will form healthy relationships and understand the importance of boundaries. You will learn practical ways to manage depression & anxiety. You will inherit a huge toolbox and ways to tap into the natural highs of life. 

I will hold space for you. I will coach you. I will be in your corner. 


  • waking up inspired to start your day with higher self-esteem.
  • having an empowered outlook on life.
  • emotional sobriety. 
  • being present in your relationships, less irritability, less fighting with your significant others.
  • confidence in your body and in who you are as a person.
  • knowledge of your gifts and special place in the world. 
  • freedom from obsession and compulsion to act out in your addictions.
  • saved money from not spending it on your addictions. 
  • greater love for yourself and love for others = better relationships.
  • less anxiety, less depression + more hope, more faith.
  • less attraction to toxic people, less fear + more authentic love.
  • conscious decision-making skills that leave you feeling good.
  • going to bed with peace in your heart.

Are you ready for boundless joy, overwhelming peace, total empowerment, healthy relationships, and a newfound passion for life?