Cliffs Notes Bio version: I am 33 years old but I think my soul is a lot older. It has taken me these last 3 decades to figure out how to love myself. I have a bit of a checkered past full of addiction, mental health struggles, and bad decisions BUT know without any uncertainty that it has molded me into the compassionate person, sister, daughter, friend, and coach that I am today. I wouldn't take back a second of it. I believe in hope, healing, and daily miracles--beyond what is considered reasonable to most. I love the ocean and the oxford comma. My passion is to teach others what I've learned so far & show them that they have the power to break free from their addictions & other self-sabotaging patterns. I help people RECOVER themselves and their joy, passion, love, and purpose. 

I entered recovery in 2011 and have been on this divinely arranged and zig-zagged journey ever since. My strongest addictions were to alcohol, uppers, food, cigarettes, love relationships, people-pleasing & perfectionism. My black-out, binge-drinking, pack-a-day-smoker days lasted until just after I turned 26.  

I turned to addictions for emotional comfort and stress relief, to fill a void, to chase a euphoric high, to numb out...always thinking more was better. I tried to self-treat my anxiety and depression.

I decided that the most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed.
— Anne Lamott

Over time, I learned to give me and my body exactly what we needed, nothing more or less. I learned to honor myself and my range of emotions. I'm highly sensitive and empathic. I learned other sources of comfort and a list of ways to manage my stresses. I learned how to say no to others so I could say yes to myself. 

I no longer wish to deprive, stuff, punish, or bully myself. My new daringly imperfect lens is one of grace, humor, and forgiveness.  It's been a wild journey back to self-love. Practice makes progress, not perfection.

Some things that have played a vital role in my healing and RECOVERING a sense of love and care for my body, brain, and spirit have been:

  • my yoga practice (important "meetings" with my body)

  • meditations ("adult time-outs")

  • guided meditations (“positive brainwashings”)

  • daily doses of radical self-acceptance, eating intuitively & to FEEL good (no matter what the gurus claim with their "eat this, not that" rules)

  • listening to guidance from others but tuning out the nonsense

  • accepting compliments without arguing, and asking for what I need without apologizing.

The various tools and techniques I offer with clients are ones that I use or have used myself, and I am continually growing this base of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. My health coach training is from Georgetown University and I've adopted their key value of cura personalis, which translates as "care for the entire person." I've naturally blended my background in humanistic psychology with my passion for holistic health. My holistic approach is founded upon the basis that everything in our lives is interconnected and can only be understood as such. All parts of our selves affect our whole self.

And it is my unwavering belief that we are all already whole and love-worthy. We may just need some help remembering.


Some Random Tidbits:

I took a Buzzfeed quiz once that told me I was a Greek philosopher in my past life and I have to say, it seems pretty accurate. I have at least five books full of hand-written quotes and proverbs to prove it. I am an absolute quote junkie.

For those of you who take stock in MBTI, I am a whole-hearted INFP but sometimes adopt the outgoing introvert role when I'm out in social situations.

I choose comfort over fashion whenever possible, thus fashionable comfort is ideal.

I love astrology and horoscopes as much as Facebookers love pet videos and pictures of babies. My sun sign is Leo.

If you ask me to pick a nail polish color at the nail salon, you may as well be asking what I'd like for my Last Supper.

I adore the beach at dusk as much as the quiet study room of any public library.

I swoon over flowers and get pumped from heavy metal music.