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5 Signs You've Outgrown a Friend

I heard once that we are the composite of the five people we spend the most time with. When you’re aiming to live a true, extraordinary life, you want those five people to be intentional and be positive, supportive, and humble in their own right. You can't be living your best life if your inner circle is made up of Debbie Downers. 

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The 5 Love Languages and How They Apply

Learning about what Gary Chapman has termed "The 5 Love Languages" has revolutionized my life. When I started to understand, truly understand, that there are various ways to speak love, outside of saying "I love you," my relationships felt injected with pure hope. I began to adopt this much broader view of love and all of it's expressions.

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What I mean when I say the word "NAMASTE"

Our dark parts need just as much love as our light parts. Recognizing the darkness only helps us to appreciate the light even more. We wouldn’t know truth and beauty without falsities and ugliness. One is because of the other. I am grateful for the experience of both, as I only know what each is because of the other. 

It frankly sounds a little sugar-coaty to me when we exclusively pay respect to our light and we don't give any attention to the other side of things. There is a place for darkness. Anger, sadness, and fear are all standard human emotions that don't need to be sunshined out.

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Sensitivity is a Gift: How to Thrive with a Bleeding Heart

But growing up as sensitive or empathetic, we learn that we are oversensitive, too much, too emotional, cry babies, wimps, too fragile, over-reactors. So what is given to us as a gift—our sensitive nature—is often squashed, repressed, and stifled.

And when we don’t know how to use our superpower sensitivities for good, the weight of the world’s suffering will most definitely crush us. My sensitivity felt like a wicked curse for a long time, before I learned how to treasure it like the blessing it is.

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Will you let yourself be happy?

When I realized I had to ‘get out of my own way’, I needed to literally tell myself that it was okay to have fun, feel at ease, and live in peace. I needed to retrain my brain and teach my body to feel comfortable when things were going smoothly.

Our bodies seek homeostasis, which is to keep our internal conditions relatively constant. If we are in constant crisis, our bodies will want more of that. 

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